A downloadable asset pack

Master the elements of nature and beyond with our "260 Elemental Character Portraits & Isometric Tiles" collection. This diverse set is designed for versatility and ease of use in your digital projects.

This assets pack is created for Mystic Elements Jam.

PixelVibe's Exclusive AI Model

Our team at PixelVibe used our exclusive AI model, specifically trained for gaming assets, to create these icons. The result is a set of colorful, consistent, and visually appealing icons that will surely enhance the look and feel of your game.

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What's Inside:

  • 132 portraits of fantasy characters from different elemental worlds (26 of them with background removed). 
  • 128 tiles of different nature elements (100 of them with background removed).

Perfect for game developers, graphic designers, and fantasy lovers. Ideal for games, webcomics, or any project that could benefit from this ready-to-use assets pack.

Some of the characters includes:

  1. Windy Wizard
  2. Fire Lord
  3. Fairy of the Forest
  4. Ice Queen
  5. Lady of the Lightning Storm
  6. Baron of the Blossoming Orchard
  7. Desert Dragon Lord
  8.  Stoneheart Duke in his rocky dominion
  9. Wind Lord
  10. Archduke of the Aurora Borealis
  11. Duchess of the Desert Dunes
  12. Cloudy Orc Queen
  13. Vampire Princess of the Snow
  14. Mermaid Knight of the Ocean
  15. Prince of Thunder
  16. Fiery Phoenix Pharaoh

Some of the tiles includes:

  1. Lunar Stone
  2. Mossy Ancient Oak
  3. Polished Granite
  4. Undersea Pearl
  5. Frosted Glacier Ice
  6. Lava Rock Golden
  7. Sand Dune Grain
  8. Ancient Petrified Wood
  9. Ember Coal
  10. Crystalline Salt Flat
  11. Blazing Fire Elemental Flame
  12.  Blooming Cherry Blossom Bark


260 Elemental Character Portraits + Isometric Tiles.zip 94 MB


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