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Introducing the "Extra Cute Animal Plushies & Items" Asset Pack, a delightful collection of charming and lovable animals, plushies, and accessories that will bring a smile to your face and add a touch of cuteness to your projects. This asset pack is perfect for designers, illustrators, and creative enthusiasts looking to incorporate unique, endearing elements into their work. This assets pack is created for Extra Cute Game Jam.

PixelVibe's Exclusive AI Model

Our team at PixelVibe used our exclusive AI model, specifically trained for gaming assets, to create these icons. The result is a set of colorful, consistent, and visually appealing icons that will surely enhance the look and feel of your game.

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The "Extra Cute Animal Plushies & Items" pack includes the following elements:

  1. Angel
  2. Backpack
  3. Bat-rabbit
  4. Beaver
  5. Bee headphones
  6. Blue dress
  7. Bottle with a strawberry
  8. Bowtie
  9. Bubble tea 1
  10. Bubble tea 2
  11. Butterfly hairpin
  12. Cactus-shaped candle
  13. Colorful socks 1
  14. Colorful socks 2
  15. Crazy game cube
  16. Crochet strawberry bag
  17. Dreamcatcher
  18. Duckster
  19. Flower headband
  20. Flowerpot 1
  21. Flowerpot 2 
  22. Fluffy slippers
  23. Funny mirror
  24. Funny teapot
  25. Hat
  26. Heart-shaped balloon
  27. Hoodie
  28. Iguana
  29. Koala 1
  30. Koala 1
  31. Mouse and mousepad
  32. Muffin
  33. Mushroom lamp
  34. Notebook
  35. Owl clock
  36. Penguin
  37. Perfume
  38. Phone
  39. Pokémon with wings
  40. Popsicle
  41. Potted plant
  42. Sad octopus
  43. Sneakers
  44. Snow globe
  45. Squirrel
  46. Strawberry dress
  47. Sunglasses 1
  48. Sunglasses 2
  49. Teacup
  50. Teddy
  51. Watermelon backpack
  52. Winter hat

Each file comes with a background removed option, providing you with maximum flexibility and ease of use for your designs. With this asset pack, you can effortlessly create adorable scenes, characters, or backgrounds that will capture the hearts of your audience.

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