A downloadable asset pack

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of fairies with our Fairy Inspired 161 Items & Characters.

This diverse set is designed for versatility and ease of use in your digital projects.

This assets pack is created for Fairies’ Life Game Jam.

PixelVibe's Exclusive AI Model

Our team at PixelVibe used our exclusive AI model, specifically trained for gaming assets, to create these icons. The result is a set of colorful, consistent, and visually appealing icons that will surely enhance the look and feel of your game.

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What's Inside:

  • 107 portraits of fantasy characters (including 60 pixel portraits)
  • 53 cartoony fairy items

Perfect for game developers, graphic designers, and fantasy lovers. Ideal for games, webcomics, or any creative project.

Some of the characters and items includes:

  1. Artist Fairy
  2. Baker Fairy
  3. Florist Fairy
  4. Purple Troll
  5. Sidhe Queen
  6. Dark Fairy
  7. Botanist Fairy
  8. Multi-colored wing fairies
  9. Red-bearded Leprechaun
  10. Magical Mushrooms
  11. Lanterns
  12. Ladybug Items Collection
  13. Acorn Teacups
  14. Thimble Hats


Fairy Inspired 161 Items and Characters.rar 57 MB

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