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The Space Opera Assets Pack is a comprehensive collection of 77 character portraits + background removed versions and 131 space and exoplanet environments designed for use in various creative projects, such as video games, novels, or tabletop RPGs. This assets pack is created for Space Opera Game Jam.

PixelVibe's Exclusive AI Model

Our team at PixelVibe used our exclusive AI model, specifically trained for gaming assets, to create these icons. The result is a set of colorful, consistent, and visually appealing icons that will surely enhance the look and feel of your game.

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This pack contains 50 unique character portraits with multiple representations that make up 77 total images, plus background removed versions, each representing a different role within the interstellar space opera setting. The characters include diplomats, bounty hunters, oracles, space knights, and many others, offering a wide range of personalities and archetypes to draw from.

Additionally, the pack features 50 immersive space landscapes with multiple representations that make up 131 total images, showcasing diverse and visually stunning locations for your story or game. These environments range from space citadels and cosmic nebula gardens to ancient alien ruins, bustling spaceports, and cutting-edge research labs. The backgrounds provide a rich tapestry of settings to explore and interact with, enriching the overall experience.

The Space Opera Assets Pack aims to provide creators with a versatile and visually engaging set of elements to enhance their storytelling and world-building endeavors in a space opera setting. 


  1. Arlia Venaris, a silver-haired woman in elegant robes, is a skilled negotiator and compromiser.
  2. Xander Thraal, a menacing cybernetic man-hunter, seeks justice across the galaxy.
  3. Elara Vex, a charming rogue woman captain, commands her own starship.
  4. Zephon Kael, a rebellious alien male warrior, fights for his people's freedom.
  5. Celestia Lyra, a radiant aura female singer, enchants with her voice.
  6. Dr. Nira Solaan, a brilliant woman scientist in a high-tech lab coat, is an expert in exobiology and the universe's secrets.
  7. Kaelar Voss, a telepathic psychic male investigator, exposes the galaxy's darkest secrets.
  8. Cassia Starfall, a fearless woman pilot in a sleek flight suit, is an ace fighter and skilled pilot.
  9. Magnus Ironfist, a stoic male space marine in heavy armor, defends the galaxy from threats.
  10. Nyx Seraphim, a shadowy female assassin with a hidden face, is cloaked in secrecy and mystery.
  11. Thalia Aurum, a benevolent golden queen, maintains peace and prosperity.
  12. Rigel Othar, a cunning male space pirate with an eye patch, seeks treasure and evades the law.
  13. Lysandra Corvus, an enigmatic female oracle with a celestial glow, predicts political conflicts and wars.
  14. Garon Malachite, a ruthless male crime lord, controls the galaxy's black market and illicit trade.
  15. Solara Novara, an inspiring female rebel leader, fights against oppressive regimes.
  16. Jax Terranis, a resourceful male smuggler, navigates the most dangerous situations.
  17. Valeria Quasar, a galactic female explorer, discovers and documents uncharted worlds.
  18. Orion Voidwalker, a mysterious male traveler, manipulates the fabric of space and time.
  19. Kora Delphini, a talented female engineer, creates groundbreaking spacecraft technology.
  20. Zara Zenith, a legendary female space knight, protects the innocent with unparalleled combat skills.
  21. Atlas Stellaris, a male cybernetic monk in a holo-cloak, preaches the unity of organic and digital life.
  22. Luna Silvereye, an enchanting female shapeshifter, uses her abilities for espionage and infiltration.
  23. Arcus Stormwind, a male bounty hunter, tracks and captures the galaxy's most wanted.
  24. Selene Nebula, a mystical female sorceress, masters the forces of the cosmos.
  25. Vega Starborn, a chiseled male diplomat, strives for interstellar peace and cooperation.
  26. Azura Nova, a female warrior with swirling energy, is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and energy manipulation.
  27. Echo Andromeda, an enigmatic male AI in a humanoid form, secretly guides civilizations.
  28. Sybil Astra, a cybernetic female historian, unravels the secrets of the past.
  29. Asher Quark, a male mechanic with a genius intellect, invents and repairs advanced technology.
  30. Nova Rayne, a female solar-powered superhero, saves planets in crisis with her powers.
  31. Maximus Orion, a male space gladiator with a scarred face, seeks redemption through combat.
  32. Iris Elysium, a charming female con artist, manipulates others to gain power and wealth.
  33. Talon Skystalker, a male avian humanoid, scouts and gathers intelligence.
  34. Xenia Aether, a female psychic healer, restores and protects the minds of her allies.
  35. Reven Vesper, a male energy vampire in a dark cloak, feeds on the life force of his enemies.
  36. Tyra Stardust, a flamboyant female entertainer, dazzles audiences across the galaxy.
  37. Zenon Pulsar, a male starship commander, leads his fleet with unwavering resolve.
  38. Aurelia Stardancer, a female celestial dancer, performs ethereal dances that influence the cosmos.
  39. Kairos Kronos, a male time-traveling historian, strives to preserve the timeline.
  40. Eris Darkstar, a malevolent female warlord, conquers planets and enslaves their populations.
  41. Leona Solaris, a radiant female solar priestess, spreads hope and light in the darkest corners.
  42. Xara Arcanum, a female rogue android with a conscience, seeks redemption for her past actions.
  43. Seraphina Lyran, a female alien diplomat with a captivating voice, uses her voice to broker peace agreements.
  44. Nash Vortex, a male rogue scientist in a disheveled lab coat, defies the laws of science for personal gain.
  45. Yara Celestial, a female starship thief and saboteur, disrupts enemy operations with cunning tactics.
  46. Aureus Solari, a male gold-covered alien form, embodies wealth, fosters alliances, and protects valuable artifacts.
  47. Ishtar Solarflare, a female sun goddess, grants powers and wisdom to her chosen champions.
  48. Odin Starweaver, a male celestial craftsman, forger of legendary weapons and artifacts.
  49. Aria Nebulos, a female cosmic musician, creates interstellar harmony with her melodies.
  50. Kronos Blackhole, a male gravitational manipulator, controls gravity to alter the battlefield.


  1. The Majestic Space Citadel is a center for intergalactic diplomacy and commerce, functioning as a fortress of diplomacy and trade.
  2. The Cosmic Nebula Garden is a haven for relaxation and reflection, situated amidst a vibrant nebula and serving as a lush botanical sanctuary.
  3. The Asteroid Mining Colony serves as a resource extraction and trade hub, being an industrial settlement carved into a massive asteroid.
  4. The Galactic Senate Hall is a decision-making center for the galaxy, functioning as a grand meeting chamber for representatives.
  5. The Crystalline Ice World is a natural wonder and exploration destination, being a frozen exoplanet with breathtaking ice formations.
  6. The Ancient Alien Ruins is an archaeological site of great significance, being mysterious remnants of a long-lost civilization.
  7. The Starship Hangar Bay is a hub for travel, trade, and ship maintenance, being an expansive docking area for various spacecraft.
  8. The Spaceport Bazaar is a center for commerce and cultural exchange, being a bustling marketplace in a thriving spaceport.
  9. The Stellar Observatory is a research center for astronomers and scientists, being a high-tech facility for observing celestial events.
  10. The Planetary Warzone is a theater of conflict and struggle, being a ravaged battleground on a contested planet.
  11. The Intergalactic Academy is a center for education and knowledge-sharing, being a prestigious institution for higher learning.
  12. The Artificial Ocean World is a diplomatic retreat and technological marvel, being an ocean-covered exoplanet with advanced technology.
  13. The Bio-Luminescent Forest is a natural wonder and habitat for exotic species, being an enchanted woodland with glowing flora and fauna.
  14. The Floating Sky City is a center for innovation and advanced technology, being a futuristic city suspended in the atmosphere.
  15. The Quantum Gate Nexus is a gateway for rapid transit across the galaxy, being a network of interstellar travel portals.
  16. The Black Hole Research Lab is a frontier for scientific discovery and research, being a cutting-edge facility studying black hole phenomena.
  17. The Neon-lit Entertainment District is a center for leisure and nightlife, being a vibrant district filled with entertainment venues.
  18. The Solar Sail Regatta is an intergalactic sporting event and competition, being a graceful fleet of solar sail spacecraft racing.
  19. The Time-Dilated Sanctuary is a safe haven for those seeking solitude, being a refuge where time flows differently.
  20. The Holographic Archives is a storehouse for the galaxy's history and records, being a repository of knowledge with holographic displays.
  21. The Stellar Lighthouse is a guiding post for ships and symbol of unity, being a navigational beacon for space travelers.
  22. The Chrononaut Academy is a center for exploration and mastery of time manipulation, being an institution for time-travel research and training.
  23. The Warped Spacetime Laboratory is a center for understanding the fabric of reality, being a research facility for studying spacetime anomalies.
  24. The Cosmic Vineyard is an agricultural enterprise and source of unique delicacies, being a spacefaring farm cultivating exotic fruits.
  25. The Dark Matter Observatory is a research center for understanding elusive cosmic matter, being a facility for detecting and studying dark matter.
  26. The Intergalactic Tournament Arena is a venue for showcasing combat prowess and skill, being a grand arena for competitions between species.
  27. The Space Pirate Hideout is a hideaway for renegades and criminal enterprises, being a secret base for a band of space pirates.
  28. The Stellar Nursery is a center for astrophysical research and observation, being a star-forming region of space.
  29. The Wormhole Stabilization Station is a gateway for interstellar travel and exploration, being a facility for maintaining wormhole stability.
  30. The Xenolinguistics Institute is a hub for communication and cultural understanding, being a center for studying and teaching alien languages.
  31. The Interstellar Bar & Grill is a social hub and center for culinary delights, being a popular eatery offering dishes from across the galaxy.
  32. The Verdant Tranquility Grove is a sanctuary for rejuvenation, diplomacy, and nature retreat, being a lush green space forest on an alien planet.
  33. The Stellar Forge is a star production and engineering marvel, being a facility for manufacturing stars.
  34. The Holosuite Entertainment Complex is a destination for immersive gaming, simulation, and leisure, being a state-of-the-art virtual reality entertainment center.
  35. The Comet Racing Circuit is a competitive sport and entertainment destination, being a high-speed racecourse through a comet's tail.
  36. The Cryovolcano Research Outpost is a research site for unique geological phenomena, being a station for studying cold volcanic activity.
  37. The Stellar Archaeology Dig Site is a research site for uncovering the galaxy's past, being an excavation of ancient celestial objects.
  38. The Pulsar-powered Clockwork City is a model for sustainable energy and advanced engineering, being a city powered by energy from a pulsar.
  39. The Teleportation Relay Network is a gateway for rapid travel and interstellar infrastructure, being a system of instantaneous transport between locations.
  40. The Galactic Monastery is a center for meditation and galactic enlightenment, being a secluded retreat for spiritual contemplation.
  41. The Asteroid Belt Waystation is a pit stop for travelers and hub for asteroid mining, being a rest stop and outpost within a dense asteroid field.
  42. The Intergalactic Fashion District is a center for creativity and style in the galaxy, being a trendsetting hub for fashion from across the galaxy.
  43. The Stellar Recycling Facility is a hub for sustainable resource management and waste control, being a facility for repurposing and recycling space debris.
  44. The Cosmic Casino Resort is a center for leisure, entertainment, and high stakes, being a lavish resort with games of chance and luxury.
  45. The Interstellar Archaeology Museum is a center for the study of lost civilizations, being a collection of artifacts from extinct civilizations.
  46. The Antimatter Production Facility is an energy generation and fuel source for advanced technology, being a plant for producing and storing antimatter.
  47. The Planetary Ring Habitat is a unique living environment and research opportunity, being a settlement built within a planet's rings.
  48. The Galactic Court of Justice is upholding law and order across the galaxy, being a judicial center for resolving interstellar disputes.
  49. The Cosmic Customs & Border Control is maintaining peace and order in the galaxy, being a security checkpoint for interstellar travelers.
  50. The Galactic Geothermal Power Plant is a model for sustainable energy production, being a facility for harnessing geothermal energy from a volcanic planet.


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